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Boise Math Teachers’ Circle Makes Its Debut

The brand-new Boise Math Teachers’ Circle will kick off with a workshop at the end of July. Boise State University reported on the upcoming event in an article titled, “Workshop Circles in on Better Ways to Teach Math.” The article … Continued

Article about MTCs in Perspectives on Urban Education

Josh Taton, founder of the Philadelphia Area Math Teachers’ Circle, recently published an article about MTCs in Perspectives on Urban Education. His article, “Much More Than It’s Cooked-Up To Be: Reflections on Doing Math and Teachers’ Professional Learning,” argues for … Continued

Tulsa MTC Teacher Named One of NPR’s 50 Great Teachers

What makes a great teacher great? That’s the question at the heart of 50 Great Teachers, from the NPR Ed Team. The 50 Great Teachers series recently featured Sarah Hagan of Oklahoma, who is a regular participant of the Tulsa … Continued

Math Teachers’ Circles featured in the Notices

Math Teachers’ Circles have been making the news lately. The most recent issue of the American Mathematical Society Notices, a magazine for professional mathematicians, featured MTCs in an article titled, “Math Teachers’ Circles: Partnerships between Mathematicians and Teachers.” Additionally, the … Continued

Math Teachers’ Circles: What Makes a Good One?

What makes a good Math Teachers’ Circle session? What makes a good Math Teachers’ Circle problem? These are the questions asked of each team at our How to Run a Math Teachers’ Circle workshops. At the workshop in Washington, D.C., … Continued