Math Teachers’ Circles are professional communities of K-12 mathematics teachers and mathematicians. Groups meet regularly to work on rich mathematics problems, allowing teachers to enrich their knowledge and experience of math, while building meaningful partnerships with other teachers and mathematicians.

The Math Teachers’ Circle Network organizes Math Teachers’ Circles around the country and provides support and resources to new and established Circles. There are currently 125 Math Teachers’ Circles and six regional MTC networks across the U.S. Find a Circle in your area, or learn how to start a new Circle.

“I’ve been attending Math Teachers’ Circle for five years now. I love it and look forward to it, and its effect has been immeasurable. My students feel my excitement, they soak it in, and they believe that they can do math, too.”

— Heather Danforth-Clayson, AIM MTC, 100Kin10 Stories from the Field

The Math Teachers’ Circle Network is a project of the American Institute of Mathematics, one of eight U.S. mathematical sciences research institutes supported by the National Science Foundation. The Math Teachers’ Circle Network is also generously supported by the American Mathematical Society, the Educational Advancement Foundation, the Mathematical Association of America, Math for America, and the National Security Agency. Learn more about our supporters.


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What’s a Math Teachers’ Circle Meeting Like?

We recommend you check out our videos. We are also happy to help coordinate an in-person or virtual visit to a Math Teachers’ Circle if you contact us.


A Culture of Problem Solving

The article “Be Less Helpful” by Joshua Zucker gets at the mathematical heart of Math Teachers’ Circles.


Meet Our Circles

We invite you to learn more about the MTC of Hawai’i, one of our most successful and innovative groups. And then visit the Philadelphia Area MTC, which beautifully articulates its role in teachers’ lives.


The Bigger Picture

Our vision is to contribute to a broader and more inclusive mathematical community, with the goal of transforming mathematics education in the U.S.


KQED News: How Playing With Math Helps Teachers Better Empathize With Students

KQED News reports that Math Teachers’ Circles help teachers bring a sense of wonder and discovery back to math classrooms.

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Notable Achievements

Math Teachers’ Circle is among only a handful of professional development models recommended by the Conference Board of Mathematical Sciences. Learn more about our outcomes.