Start a Circle

Image provided by MTC Network — Washington, DC

Thank you for your interest in starting a Math Teachers’ Circle! We invite you to learn more about the process. Please feel free to contact us with any questions along the way.

Seed Grants

New MTCs can apply for support from the MTC Network. In addition to the freely available organizer toolkit, videos, and other resources, this support includes start-up funding and consultations with a Circle Mentor.

Organizer Toolkit

This toolkit contains a wealth of materials to help you start a successful, self-sustaining MTC:

  • Activities developed over 8 years of AIM’s “How to Run a Math Teachers’ Circle” workshops
  • Documents from MTCs across the country
  • Articles from our newsletter

Circle Mentors

Circle Mentors are expert Math Teachers’ Circle leaders who are matched with new Math Teachers’ Circles through our seed grant program. Mentors visit new Circles to lead math sessions and consult with the new leadership team during an initial workshop or other early meeting.

Frequently Asked Questions

Common questions about about starting a Circle and applying for support.