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The Math Teachers’ Circle Network is a partnership between teachers and mathematicians. Our core leadership group consists of professional mathematicians, math teachers at all levels, and math education researchers.

Our national office is located at the American Institute of Mathematics, 600 E. Brokaw Rd., San Jose, CA 95112. Contact us at:

circles (at) aimath (.) org
(408) 350-2088

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Brianna Donaldson, Director
Director of Special Projects, American Institute of Mathematics

brianna (at) aimath (.) org
(408) 350-2088

Leadership Team

Estelle Basor, Deputy Director, American Institute of Mathematics

Learn why Estelle loves Math Teachers’ Circles.

Tatiana Shubin, Professor of Mathematics, San Jose State University
Brian Conrey, Director, American Institute of Mathematics

Learn why Brian loves Math Teachers’ Circles.

James Tanton, Mathematician-in-Residence, Mathematical Association of America
Tom Davis, Co-Director, San Jose Math Circle
Paul Zeitz, Professor of Mathematics, University of San Francisco
David Farmer, Director of Programming, American Institute of Mathematics
Joshua Zucker, Julia Robinson Mathematics Festivals

Learn why Josh loves Math Teachers’ Circles.

mary fz
Mary Fay-Zenk, Mathematics Educator and Consultant

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Advisory Board

Kristen Chandler

Deputy Director and Program Director

Edward M. Landesman

Professor Emeritus of Mathematics
University of California, Santa Cruz

Alan Schoenfeld

Elizabeth and Edward Conner Chair in Education
University of California, Berkeley

Wade Ellis

Liaison to AIM Advisory Board
West Valley College (retired)

W. J. “Jim” Lewis

Aaron Douglas Professor of Mathematics
University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Denise Spangler

Professor and Chair of Mathematics Education
University of Georgia

John Ewing

Math for America

Jane Porath

Mathematics Teacher
East Middle School, Traverse City, MI

Peter Trapa

Professor and Chair of Mathematics
University of Utah

Richard Grassl

Professor Emeritus of Mathematics
University of Northern Colorado

Richard Rusczyk

Art of Problem Solving Incorporated

Uri Treisman

Professor of Mathematics and of Public Affairs and Founder and Executive Director of the Charles A. Dana Center for Mathematics and Science Education
University of Texas at Austin

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Consulting Staff

Jessa Barniol, MTCircular Newsletter Designer
Steve Berry, Web Developer

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