Boise Math Teachers’ Circle Makes Its Debut

The brand-new Boise Math Teachers’ Circle will kick off with a workshop at the end of July. Boise State University reported on the upcoming event in an article titled, “Workshop Circles in on Better Ways to Teach Math.”

The article highlights the excitement that Boise math educators are feeling as the workshop approaches. Laurie Cavey, mathematics educator in the Department of Mathematics, spoke on behalf of the Boise Math Teachers’ Circle leadership team: “Teachers are craving opportunities to learn more about math and the ways that other individuals think about math, especially at the secondary level… We expect the Boise Math Teachers’ Circle to generate interest among teachers that may result in the demand to start additional circles in the future.”

According to the article, the three-day workshop will unite teachers with Boise State math and education faculty for creative explorations of a variety of topics, including the mathematics of soap bubbles, which will showcase the concept of a minimal surface and provide wonderful opportunities to explore geometric concepts such as volume and angles.

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