Math Teachers’ Circles featured in the Notices

Math Teachers’ Circles have been making the news lately.

The most recent issue of the American Mathematical Society Notices, a magazine for professional mathematicians, featured MTCs in an article titled, “Math Teachers’ Circles: Partnerships between Mathematicians and Teachers.”

Additionally, the Math Forum Internet News, a free newsletter for math educators, highlighted the Notices article in its most recent newsletter.

According to the article, Math Teachers’ Circles “leverage mathematicians’ disciplinary knowledge and skill” while encouraging teachers “to develop as mathematicians by engaging them in the process of doing mathematics, and create an ongoing professional K-20 mathematics community.”

Co-authored by┬áBrianna Donaldson, Michael Nakamaye, Kristin Umland, and Diana White — a group of research mathematicians, math educators, and MTC leaders — the article is available as a free PDF download on the AMS website:


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