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One-minute Math Teachers’ Circle videos

Do you want to share your MTC story? Tell us in one minute why you love your MTC and upload your video to YouTube. Then email the link to Hana Silverstein (hana @ aimath . org) and we’ll feature your … Continued

New Math Teachers’ Circles in the News

  Two teams that attended our training workshop in Washington, D.C. a few weeks ago, are already making news back home. The brand-new Mississippi Delta Math Teachers’ Circle, from Cleveland, MS., was mentioned in its campus newsletter while the team … Continued

Thirteen MTCs nationwide hold summer workshops

Summer is a time to take a break and have some fun. It also provides space to reflect and plan for the coming year. That’s what makes summer the perfect time for a Math Teachers’ Circle immersion workshop. In fact, … Continued

North Louisiana MTC Featured on Local Radio

The North Louisiana MTC was featured today on Red River Radio, an NPR affiliate station. James Tanton, Mathematician-in-Residence at the Mathematical Association of America, will visit the circle for a guest math session on May 5. Says leader Judith Covington, … Continued

AMS Celebrates Great K-12 Math Blogs

A few days ago, the American Mathematical Society published a blog post about some great math teaching blogs written by K-12 teachers. At the top of the list was Fawn Nguyen’s blog, Finding Ways to Nguyen Kids Over. Ms. Nguyen, … Continued