Northern Kentucky MTC featured in Kentucky Teacher

Photo by Amy Wallot, July 20, 2015, Kentucky Teacher

Kentucky’s first Math Teachers’ Circle is giving middle school mathematics teachers in northern Kentucky the chance to work out their problems both literally and figuratively, as they can exchange ideas with professors and math professionals and take time to rediscover mathematics.

The Northern Kentucky Math Teachers’ Circle (NKMTC) recently hosted a five-day workshop for more than 20 middle schools from nine northern Kentucky school districts. The event was featured in the state teacher magazine, Kentucky Teacher, in an article titled,”Bringing northern Kentucky math teachers into the circle.

According to Jill Terlau, a middle school teacher and co-founder of the NKMTC, the workshop experience fed not only the mind, but the soul, by bringing together people with a shared passion for math, education and kids. “I think it’s really important that math teachers have a community to lean on for support,” said Terlau.

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