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Funding and Proposal Writing
Evaluation Forms
Planning Worksheets


Flyers, brochures, letters, etc.

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Day-to-day logistics

Application and registration forms

Sample schedules

Please also see our national MTC meetings calendar.

Websites of active MTCs

View the current list on our Member Circles page.

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Press release forms

MTC in the news

Please also see our Press Room.

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Funding and Proposal Writing

MTC-Specific Advice

Other Advice


  • Foundation Center
    Best overall for locating private sector grantmakers; also has great general resources on seeking funding

  • Community Foundation Locator
    Through the Council on Foundations; this is the easiest way to find community foundations in your area.
  • Fiscal Sponsor Directory
    Fiscal sponsorship is a way of avoiding forming an independent 501(c)(3); this might help if you find you need 501(c)(3) status but don’t have an obvious organizational affiliation to draw upon. We strongly recommend trying to go through your university or school district first.
  • Federal grant opportunities
  • State Departments of Education
    Make sure to look for your state’s Improving Teacher Quality (ITQ) and Math and Science Partnership (MSP) grant programs, funded through formula grants from the U.S. Department of Education.

Background information on Math Teachers’ Circle

Sample introductory materials, mission statements, and letters of inquiry

Sample foundation proposals (from AIM unless otherwise noted)

These are intended to serve as general models rather than as templates for proposals to these organizations.

Sample proposals to state agencies

Other sample proposals

  • NSF Individual Investigator grant broader impacts section (from Michelle Manes, Math Teachers’ Circle of Hawai’i)

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Evaluation Materials


Question banks

Sample evaluation forms

Evaluation data

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Planning worksheets

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